looking for any unwanted clothes, vintage (mens, womens, juniors), shoes, accessories, etc. anything would be appreciated!
Wanted: 3 shelf bookshelf and a working microwave. **Edited by Freecycle.org Mod02**
Want VHS tapes for son. He does not like DVDs, only VHS tapes. He really likes pre-recorded tapes, even if they are old family videos. Likes regular movies too. Thanks!
Hello. I am looking for Glass Baby food Jars with the lids Near my location. Thanks
Wanted: receiving blankets or any kind of baby girl blankets.Thank you & happy holidays.**Edited by Freecycle.org Mod02**
My teenage daughter is 35 weeks pregnant,......wanting a car seat for my granddaughter who will be here soon. **Edited by Freecycle.org Mod02**
want approx. 30 to 50 empty pills bottles with lids....will take what you no longer need/want...Thank you.
Wanted: an aquarium/terrarium for a bearded dragon I HOPE to get my daughter for christmas. Need 40 gallon size or above. **Edited by Freecycle.org Mod02**
My teenage daughter is 35weeks pregnant and I am a single Mom barely making it. Need of anything for my granddaughter who will be here soon.
I'll come pick up your packing peanuts, pillow packs, and bubble wrap that comes in your packages.
Wanted: DVD player in time for grandkids holiday visit.thxs..**Edited by Freecycle.org Mod02**
I am looking for plastic totes or moving boxes for a friend who is moving
Needed for electronics project to melt case. No trays, etc needed. Southside pickup preferred.. **Edited by Freecycle.org Mod02**
Ninja Professional 1500 Watt Model:BL773CO replacement parts. Need 72oz pitcher LID and the 64oz food processor LID. Only need lids.
Seeking fusible fleece and fabric for a project. Tan or light green solid fabric.. Southside pick up preferred ** Edited by Freecycle.org Mod02**