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As good as new; ridden only one time. See photos to see the tires have absolutely no wear at all. There is a small scuff on the seat guard; but other than that this unicycle is as good as new. Quick release seat clamp for on-the-fly saddle adjustments Long lasting sealed bearing hub Classic unicycle saddle with built in scuff guards Text me with questions. Thanks, Eric
Cyco Cycle - The Psycho Bicycle Stunt Tricycle, this bike is like to much crazy fun!!!!!!! Cyco Cycle is not just a bike. The Cyco Cycle is a stunt tricycle, making it a truly psycho cycle - now try saying that three times fast. The CycoCycle combines the manoevurability of a unicycle with the stability or a tricycle - perfect for kids to practice their tricks. The bike is yellow, and with one ...
Good condition unicycle. Contact: sms:19044371027
VTG Bicycle Unicycle Pennyfarthing Cycle Gold Tone Colored Rhinestone Brooch Pin
Nice old Schwinn Unicycle. Has some surface rust, and needs a tube. Lets see you ride this.
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